Management Consulting

Supporting Change And Development Processes

Space for growth through focused and inclusive change-processes:

Change, the new normal: As a leader, it’s a challenge to manage the intellectual & emotional complexity of change, to design successful change processes and to create momentum. Together with you, I step behind the scenes, distil what is necessary, lay bare resistance, and work with you and your people to design sustainable change-processes.

Space for growth through real implementation:

Even the best intellectual solutions are irrelevant if your people aren’t on board. I work with you on the people side of change, creating space for involvement, feedback and steady implementation.

Space for growth through new attitudes and behaviour:

Time to foster a new culture? I design tailor made processes that involve all the relevant stakeholders, create buy-in for the WHY, align structures and processes to support the new behaviours and mobilise energy for the small steps necessary for big change.

Space for growth through feedback:

Leadership Feedback? I create personalised Feedback Processes, choosing the appropriate setting and medium and creating situations of confidentiality so that all the messages can come to the surface. Delivering the messages back to in an honest, supportive and solution-oriented way supports your growth.


Examples of Consultancy clients:


Raiffeisen International


European Central Bank