Executive Coaching & Sparring

Supporting Personal And Team Development

Space for reflection and sparring:

You are in a  leadership role with high complexity and want to spar and reflect with an experienced Coach? My skill is to grasp the complexity of your business context, to understand you and your contribution to the challenges you are facing and to work with you on analysis and solution finding. Let’s bring your resources to the surface and develop concrete solutions to master your challenges.

Space for professional vision:

Stuck? Unsure if you are professionally in the right place, with the right perspective? Time to explore your uniqueness, bring your vision to the surface, to let go of the voices that say you can’t and to realise your best place.

Space for developing new behaviours:

You’ve got feedback on your performance and behaviour – maybe your communication, conflict-management or leadership skills – and wish to grow? Let’s go on a journey, replacing the negative beliefs behind the behaviours, visualising new ways and training the new in small powerful steps.

Space to grow as a team:

If you aren’t role models in your collaboration as a management team, why should anyone else in the organisation bother working together? Most executive teams are under high pressure to deliver and the social and interpersonal issues that make or break teams, and indeed organisations, seem to fall by the wayside. I observe, give feedback, challenge and support your development as a management team.


Examples of Coaching Clients:

Erste Bank


European Central Bank

University of Business & Economics, Vienna

Coaching in nature!

Some of my best insights come when I am out in nature and sparring with insightful colleagues or friends.
Physical movement generates mental and emotional agility. Join me!