The ELEPHANT in the Room

Tackling Conflicts head on!

We’ve all felt its presence. Disguising itself in strenuous surrogate battles at the content level. Disturbing progress. Tripping you up as a Leadership Team.

The higher up it sits, the more destructive it is. And if left unrecognised and ignored, it destroys you. Your team. Your organisation.

The issues that get swept under the carpet are manifold!

Structural conflicts of interest, competing motives and roles, ingrained silos working against each other and the whole, perceived and real destructive behaviours… And the lure of that carpet is great because it lulls us into a false sense of security. And means we can avoid the difficult & challenging conversations and the self-exposure they sometimes entail. Maybe if we ignore the Elephant, it might leave the room for other pastures!

The reality is that the disturbance is there, whether you want to see it or not, whether you address it or not. And unaddressed, it becomes so huge and debilitating that it will colour and hamper everything else – your collaboration, your productivity, your impact. Your future. And that of the organisation.

So this is what I love supporting:

  • Finding ways to make the unspeakable speakable.
  • Helping the unsaid to find a voice.
  • Untying the invisible knots that eat up teams and organisations from the inside out.
  • Connection and real communication

Getting rid of the accumulated debris to make Leadership Teams great again!

Examples of Conflict Management Projects 

International Litigation Company – Equity Partners
International Construction Company – Management Board
International Organisation/Food & Drinks Industry – Management Board

“Following a longer period of escalating conflicts in our Management Team, we started an intense process to resolve our differences, guided by Maria. Her sensitivity, empathy and understanding of the relationship dynamics, coupled with a sharp focus on goals and output ensured that we were supported, challenged and strengthened throughout the process. Focusing first on our relationship dynamics and then on the organization, we have fully regained our trust in one another and are wholly aligned for the benefit of our organization. She creates magic!”