About me

Maria O' Shea, MBA INSEAD

For me, the “space in-between” is the unique crossroads of here and now, full of seeds just waiting to germinate. I love to shape that space together with my clients, to jump into the unknown and help create magic!

O' Shea Consulting
Shaping the space in between

I have over 25 years of international experience supporting individuals, teams and organisations to be their very best, initially as an expert consultant for The Boston Consulting Group in Germany, followed by some work as an outdoor trainer and for the last 15 years as systemic consultant and coach.

At the beginning of my career, I spent a number of years working for Shell International in London and Milan – these years have given me invaluable insights into organisations and how they are wired.

Who I (really) am

Head and heart or Intellectual and emotional. A balance of intellectual sharpness for grasping and dealing with organisational complexity and a big heart for understanding the people behind the curtain.

Solution oriented. Behavioural change (whether personal, team or organisational) happens in small steps. I love looking for and implementing simple effective steps for moving forwards and breaking the patterns that no longer serve.

Collaborative and personal. I don’t offer any standard anythings (processes, coaching, trainings, etc.). No two individuals, teams or organisations are the same, so why would I offer a solution that worked for someone else? I love collaborating with my clients – the more we work together, the more I understand them, and the better fitting our joint ideas are to the organisation, team or individuals involved.

Optimistic. I really believe everyone deserves to be in their “right” place, where they can use all their resources, grow continuously and really bring their best into the world. I have little time for the blaming- and victim-mentality and really believe in getting into the driving seat and making the things we desire happen.

Realistic. I work with what we have and don’t spend time or energy lamenting what’s missing. From a place of acceptance for what is, we have amazing resources to grow. And when things change, as they always do, I am highly adaptable – working with the new circumstances and making the most out of the opportunities therein.

Perceptive. I cultivate my radar for sensing out things below the surface (ambivalences, contradictions, resistance, negative emotions) and find respectful yet persistent ways of aiding these to the surface.

Curious. I am infinitely inquisitive to get to the core of what it’s really about. That’s the birth of real change! I’m a bit of a terrier/tenacious, not letting go until I reach the point where my clients get to the bottom of the issue.

Enthusiastic: I am passionate (yes really!) about the work I do. I want to make a positive difference to my clients and to support sustainable change.

Radically honest. I don’t have time for sugar-coating or half truths. If I sense irritations below the surface, I name them, respectfully! So if you’re looking for 100% comfort zone, you are better off with someone else!